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A message for Deaf Singaporeans

1) Life is a road which you need to pinpoint the experience and process where it can makes you and break you. A road that you need to partake not avoid. Do not ever feel inferior, shut your knowledge to the world. Face it bravely. Open your mindset, vision and heart wide. Be the person who you once were proudly and showcase to the whole world for who you really are. Show them what you are made of.

2) There were a times we do feel the lousiest bottom of our life in the shallow pits of the coldness. Do not ever feel in despair and feel hated. Don’t let it overcome you. For once do yourself a favor and lie back and look at the blue sky and you will realise there are a bigger world out there of no tomorrow. You have a choice not the destiny makes you. You have a price to pay, bleed for, cry for and aim for and never look since. Go to where you have never dared (e.g: no-man’s land). It can be in any width and depth of your inner self. No one is here to help you unless you are willing to help yourself and then in turn someone will offer you a helping hand.

3) Share your world, your stories, your life, your pain, your vision to a person who you so love dearly. Never feel discrimation of your whole life if you have the power of courage to pull you out of your inferior self. There are life happenings but there is a choice and your decision to make in your turning point of life is how you look in your way not others’. Forget about all the worldly advise you have seek all these years.

4) Forget about giving yourself excuses. There are many ways we have gave ourselves excuses. Once again no more excuses and discipline yourself to the fullest and change your way of thinking. Yes discipline is not everyone’s favourite word and it is not the easiest to build self awareness. It all depends on your mindset of how you can build it from the ground up. It all begins with you.

5) Finally be happy for who you are and thank youself why you came into this world to see finer details of life. See how sweet and ugly the world is. Everything is not the way you can expect it to be. Face it and make changes. Life’s experience is a road that takes you to a beginning not the end. Every chapter has it untold mysteries that unfold in front of your very eye if you have the willingness to seek the answer that you have been chasing your whole life no matter how many years you forgo.

Truth to be told: from an outsider point of view that most singaporean deaf has not really matured beyond their age. Not a minority but the majority of it. Sad to say but true… wait who knows… only you.

“Not everyone is noble from a person’s perspective. – rudy”

If any of you have the urge to voice out your thoughts. Feel free to comment. Till then godspeed.

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