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Singapore wanting to be world class?!?

Having read it in Business Times (The Weekend) on 25th saturday. There is one articles that have caught my eyes and thoughts. There is something which I do share her viewpoints.

Her statement is somewhat catch my attention in terms of knowledge. It is very practical in a sensible way.

“Singapore cannot be internationally competitive and a world leader in semiconductor, life science, healthcare, education, financial service, creative industries and casino tourism, all at the same time.”

Powerful and brutal truth. It is like you can’t do 7 things at the same time with a pair of hands. Need to have the task at hand completed before doing another task. We aren’t gods. So do countries aren’t filled with supremacy. Take things step at a time. If done everything at the same time. The price of living condition also rise and Singapore government want Singaporeans to slog so hard for what?

Brutal truth is Singapore Government indeed do suck our money dry till old age. The side end of the story is Government benefits. Government didn’t even bother to explain in media news what the reason is all about. From general people’s view, do everyone think that government works harder than Singaporeans. Not necessary true. I believe, we singaporeans work way harder than the government. All the government collects tax payments and so on. Many other hidden reason which isn’t revealed yet.

That is why to this day Singaporeans is still somewhat naive. I am not pointing fingers or blame. Only Singaporeans know their side of the story and government also have their side of the story. I am not really going to elaborate on that. I believe Singapore System is flawed. It is not yet came into perfection.

Till then I welcome any feedbacks to what are your thoughts after reading the news that I have linked.

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  1. Aaron Yeo says:

    Well, the government is voted by the citizens of Singapore. What can more can we say? Roll eyes….

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