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At a warp speed of intelligence mutiny

Intelligence is not a means to let the whole world see or hear how good you are. It is all about delivering your capabilities at the right time at the right place. Intelligence is an old evolution where it has been sidelined many times over. Even a genius, experts and millionaires have yet to reach it full brain potential since mistakes can happen in an unfortunate case. There is one thing which have long forgotten. Most people were not born intelligent but they build and inject their form of mindset and discipline foundation intelligence mutiny where it can grow into a finer details of lifeforms.

It all begins from a baby step into a rocket speed of today’s technology where you can work your speed at a warp mode where information kept changing like a future regulation. Even people who develop genes of million research from the past has gone a long way into developing genetic research to make people capable not how intelligent it can mould in a day. Intelligence mutiny is something we have to learn and develop from our brain’s enterprise scientific works.

The world of our fingertips is somewhat overlooked at times due to unfathomable explanation of science’s wonderful works where mutiny can be formed as a clone. It is not a mere form of intelligence of a thinking powerhouse where it once was can bring your image to stardom. It is not how many years of experience you have acquire. It is not something you guys can easily say from the mouth. It holds no meaning due to variety of thinking you have form throughout the years of learning theories where warp speed is at such a scary thoughts till you can’t bring it to your grave. Passing down through your legacy is something of more valuable significance rather than forgotten worlds.

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