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Nearing End of Year 2008 (What is your point?)

Hi Guys and ladies,

What are you all planning for next year’s resolution? Hopefully it be a good and enlightens year ahead of you during the Singapore economic downturn. It will take forever for Singapore to grow despite the world financial crisis that has hit everyone mentally but not the very least but to the whole world as well. Not we are affected but ins and outs.

There are people out there in this world voicing out their perspective, opinion and viewpoints with finer distinction but yet again I must say, everyone need to look for changes, meet changes, learn changes, embrace changes and finally change your life for who you are. It is one of the bold moves we have to learn how to take the freefall of our lifestyle into IMPROVEMENTS not perfection which is not beyond our control but take CHARGE. It is all within your mind of what you really want to be. Think big and grow big is all relatively on how you want to muster your thoughts not for what you are but for who you are as a person to lead not take orders. Your life is not to take orders from others but to LEAD.

One thing about LEADERSHIP is not something that everyone has the discipline. It requires greater things, BIGGER things I mean. Think at a whole new level. It requires massive amount of your thoughts into a finer think tank and gather reliable support from your friends who you can believe in to trust and take control not other way round. Take charge like I said. It is for your greater good of your own will not for your standard of your life. Level up and grow, be bold. Change is the thing we need to see things in details not on the whole new level. Take things into details first before looking into a whole picture. Do your research, homework and compile things into a proposal of your own life’s works before embarking on your journey to ever-changing worlds of your views. Life is always never the same. Remember it.

There is one thing I would like to share, during the past 5years years away from Singapore and finally I am back I saw my brothers grew up, tall and fine. That is what you have to realise, see with your very own eyes. Changes are inevitable. Changes are a big thing of the next bigger things. You never know until you lead and take charge. Change your mindset as well, change attitudes, change your lifestyle, and discipline your mind and life changing ways. It is by no easy feat but a greater you.

Take note: I believe I have a few high profile friends who took charge and decide to lead but it takes time into fruitions no matter how long their journey is.

If you got the urge to say. Feel free and throw out your comments/thoughts. Remember it is not about you, me or everyone. It is yours alone. A form of unqiue thinkers.

Rudy Lee

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