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Require 10 years of global economy changes to prevent proverty

Now the whole world has to rethink about how to change their wealth’s mindset. Everything will never be the same again. Time to reflect on what has gone wrong, mistake arisen, trust has to be more open and promote proverty free as well.

Life is not about education but a life long learning and an experience where people always belittle education as a plaything and luxuries. But it has to change to improve for the better.

Things have to change and everything should be aiming for improvement constantly not a jerk around way. The world’s fianacial advisor, educators, economist and bright minds alike should have to rethink and improve onwards. Global warming is also a serious issue and have to be considered as well because it is also linked to economy powerhouse of the world. If the world’s thinkers are not willing to take global warming issue seriously. There will be a day destruction will befall again in 30-50 years time from now but who knows. Economy and fiancial issue are always unpredictable. No one can be able to control global issue unless you can make things right with proper principles.

It is better to have early detection to have a preventive measure and improve in the long run not wait for it to come to a halt or downturn. And please take this financial and economy crisis as a learning turmoil of case study and reflect on that issue at hand. No matter you have made a biggest blunder and mistake in your life. Learn to improve and change for the better rather than taking the blame and compare with others who are at fault or have been learning the wrong way. That is one of the stupiest excuses. It is not the way to improve things. Promote world free trade with better threshold rather than calculation. I believe it is the best time to learn and change for the better. Learn to making things right rather than seeing the faults of yourself. No one is too blame. Just learn to get better and better in the long run and only this way you can promote wealth’s knowledge rather than guessing the uncertainties.

Global economy will never be the same if everyone can promote wealth and cashflow properly with restricted policy rather than laundering money in the whole world just to make fast money with shortcuts will never lead to proper measure. It is not the correct way. Laundering can be legal but abused in the wrong way is such a lost cause. Sadly to say the global economy will take years to stablise once again and reflect on mistakes. No one is of a capable mind to overtake such lost cause. It is not about how good you are but show your capabilities of the correct ethic. It is about proper parthership rather than thinking you are above all others and competing who is better. There is no such behaviour and should remaind in a humble wealth of co-operation to foster great ties, flourish by sharing knowledge and giving the right learning method to ensure everything is of the correct lifestyle’s control, wealth and healthy economy with great proper care.

I believe everyone is not at fault but it all depends on for who you are and learn to accept mistakes rather than ingoring the issue. Finally do not submit yourself to fate and you have the right to control and make things right rather than stumble to greed. Learn to share and be thrifty.

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