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The world has change but people has not.

Why is that so?

Because the earth is sick. Global warming are everywhere. Nobody cares. They are too busy getting on with their lives. Making money is their first priority in life and it still holds true to this day. Poverty are every where. Fate can sometimes be cruel to all of us. We need to take control of our own destiny, create it and achieve it.

The real cold hard truth.

1) Nobody wish to be poor all their lives
2) Happiness come and go
3) Love can be beautiful and cruel at times
4) Money never end
5) Divorce are everywhere.
6) Sin and vanity are common.
7) Sex is an adventure
8) People doesn’t want to be born that way
9) Emotion is a killer
10) College and university education are expensive
11) Everyone experience stress
12) You can see but can’t touch
13) You evolve after years of learning
14) People are afraid to admit mistakes and failures
15) Everyone live in a subconscious mind without realising the real truth
16) Money, sex and booze
17) Internet porn are everywhere
18) No one is born a genius
19) We all are human beings with emotion
20) People always blame everything

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