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March, April, May

Where has March, April and May 2009 gone. Looks like it is on hiatus for quite sometimes since I was busy with work. There is nothing much here. Work has taken up alot of my time so thus usually on weekend I need to have a relaxing day ahead and “PLANNING TIME” for me. ^_^

Everything has happen so fast. Many things  has changed from developed information age as we are now in this present stage as “OVERLOADED” but there is one thing for all I know that remains unchanged is people’s wavering thoughts. Life always took a toll and can be unpredictable at times which can’t be foretold by the universe’s thoughts with the passage of time.

So long till I will be back once again…

Till then there is something for personal viewing pleasure.

Samdi’s car wasted. Soooo prosauce, LOL!! An expensive lesson learned. Accept my kudos..

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