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10 years back

Upon looking back 10 years ago when I was in my younger days. It was a feeling that is left unexplained, decision shaped and forge new understanding for I have made the best of my life in whatever possible way with a distinction mindset.

Life is not all about the people that surround you but yourself that need to resolve your mettle with great hindsight. This requires a big thinking on your part. Thinkers is not a everyday choice you come to face with. It is something people don’t really get to experience. This is 1% thoughs and 99% life’s experience that has surmount a lot of your livelihood.

There are at times, you need to evolve in a better way. Let fear test the best you and change with a bold new wondrous mind. Every year is a battle of hardship where you need to know what is upcoming whenever in your twenties, thirties, forties or even eighties. Your best every 10 years should improve if not improvise. Start now rather than putting your imagination to play. Make time to think in deep thoughts of what you want out of your life. Something you need to venture and make the best of your realistic goal to forge ahead rather than unnecessary thing that can never change. Please don’t. It is a killer if you do not meet changes and open your mind to the worldly events. Must be willing to appreciate life’s finer points.

The world is so big and vast. Go out and experience life’s greatest failures on the planet and have it within your grasp that will change your thinking forever and view it in a different light. Life is a battle and should not be stopped halfway.

The only answer is within you not the people around you no matter how genius a person is. Every genius start from the beginning with every chapter of their story that unfolds. That will be your very turn.

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