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2010 turning point..

To all ladies and gentleman out there who are in their 20s and to those who will turn past 30. Play this forward.

Age 30 is a moment of truth when certain realities of life firmly take hold.

Do not despair no more. It is an exciting bold step forward to discover the new you. Every year always past by you. Don’t ever look back. Explore, experiment and develop within you to see what you are capable of and change your mindset to a fuller self. Change everything, live with changes and only then there will be a discovery.

I believe everyone who are in their 20s will be reaching a turning point of 10 years of their life. To all friends who will be reading this will never know this unless you have reach a certain age no matter if you will be in 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Life will firmly take hold.

Till then have a great adventure ahead of you ladies and gentleman.

Happy New Year 2010. A day late. ^_^

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