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2010 is nearing…

OMG!! I haven’t written anything in September and October 2010. WOW!! So funny and ironic it must be. At last I finally written it in to fill the white space. You think? LOL!! No, I just back here to review it and check what has gone missing in the white spaces. ^_^

So it is just a normal rant and nothing much I really hate to put so much words in a blog. I hate being long winded and am trying to see what is in store for me next 2011. I am glad I have plans but not for so in the time being. My search has ended. I know what I want to seek out in life. Time is essential to your very own being. Don’t let time steal your dreams. Do it and worry about it later. ;)

I am here to feel what I ought to write it down. I have seen many bonds, relationship, friendship come and go and it is really seriously a fleeting moment because they are leading their own lives one by one and are soon dispersing in their very own world. As the years goes by, we age, we grow, we think alot of stuffs ahead but should put into action to see what happen next or just forget it and move on.

I shall end my rant here and there are alot of plans for me this November and December months to come. Preparing for 2011. How about you all guys and ladies? I hope you have found something in life.

Till then have a great months that is nearing 2011.

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