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A dream by power nap

I took a power nap and I dreamed a dream….and the conversation goes like this. I was so inspired….

Life Mentor: If your drama ends here you are definitely not Rudy. You ignored your friends and as a result your see your friends succeed first. But…your drama’s end isn’t here. If it extends this long, the ending may be different. You’ve realized, reflected on and fixed your problem and you’ve grow from it. If this normal story comes true, then you could be the main character of this drama. Your drama is far from over.

It isn’t moving along quicker. If you take your time, you can end up seeing a lot more than people who rush by.

If you ask me who will make it big

I would say the person who took their time to see a lot more.

There is still a long ways until your drama is over.
So don’t fret that it is not going quicker.

If you go slower, you can see a lot more than those that go by quickly.

If you ask me who will grow more out of the successful ones.

Believe it is the person that goes slower and sees more.

Rudy: Hmm…mmmm…

Forced myself to wake up. Ahhhhhh..

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