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Dreaming a Dream

To pay a high price dreaming will always be harsh and long.

It is not ok to have a debt to pay just to dream because it will only lead to confusion and arduous which therefore lose it shine and focus.

One day, it will be a beautiful dream if you took a longer route to reach the destination. If your dream reach at the end and you succeed, you have finally made the cut but you discover less than people who travel a long journey but that person will definitely discover many meaningful things.

That will define a person.

A dream may be accomplished in a year, several years or even a decades no matter what the outcomes and cost. There is a price to pay. But the reality is still filled with noise if you dream of practical things but it will definitely never borne fruits just because of a debt.

So take things at a time and continue to move on, find a reason to support your magical dream.

To dream big, put forth your action, it is better late than never.

Action is a big restorer of your faith and a big leap forward. So continue to dream and don’t lose hope or otherwise it will become your lifetime of regrets. So don’t…give up, never give up, please don’t give up…..

Finally of all, it is not a matter of how good you are but your dream must be great only when you will realize how deep the potential is by achieving small greater things than doing big greater things.

We can turn today into tomorrow’s dream.

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