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Just a thought…

I just received an email from my life coach with the file attachment of an example of My Life Plans. OMG!! It just opened my world of possibilities to face against the giants of IMPOSSIBLE dreams. I will be hacking my mind step by step with training by seeing events of thoughts. Now I believe […]

The best way to make dreams come true is to…

WAKE UP!! Come on guys and ladies, take it slow and steady. Time to wake up from reality and accept for what is real and illusion. There are things in life you gotta get what you want and go for it. It all seems too easy to say whatever we want that conjure up in […]

10 years back

Upon looking back 10 years ago when I was in my younger days. It was a feeling that is left unexplained, decision shaped and forge new understanding for I have made the best of my life in whatever possible way with a distinction mindset. Life is not all about the people that surround you but […]

The Other Sex

That would be, men. Where have men been taught their worth comes from? Men, since the beginning of human history, have been taught or told that their worth comes from their possessions, titles, job, net worth, holdings, size of bank account — what I call their material bodies (as opposed to their physical bodies). While […]

False Memories

False memories allow us to forgive ourselves and justify our mistakes, but sometimes at a high price: an inability to take responsibility for our lives. An appreciation of the distortions of memory, a realization that even deeply felt memories might be wrong, might encourage people to hold their memories more lightly, to drop the certainty […]


“normal human memory is highly error-prone”. and I love this one.. “suggestible individuals can have memories elaborated within their minds because of poor therapeutic technique”. lines taken off by Mistakes Were Made (not by me). It was an interesting read and I love every moment of this book. It was something that people don’t usually […]

A glimpse of look at…

MY BLOGS!! Omg…. Looks like ages I haven’t been updating. Till then, WOW!! I haven’t blog for so long. As I came back to have a glimmer of look and noticed that I haven’t written anything in 2009. LOL!! So ironic. Haven’t blogged since I am working full time at the moment. Yeah, hell right […]

Belief Determines Expectations

If you want your talent to be lifted to its highest level, then you don’t begin by focusing on your talent. You begin by harnessing the power of your mind. Your beliefs control everything you do. Accomplishment is more than a matter of working harder or smarter. It’s also a matter of believing positively. Someone […]

Human Brain Factor

What does HBF means? It is one of the lost founding where no one has thought of or a mind of a own. It is not up to my domain knowledge. I am a free thinker where things and thoughts surmount into realities from different angle of life itself. Bigger than life, bigger than wondorous […]

Economy crisis 2008 has changed the world’s thinkers

Hoping for a better tomorrow. Well the world’s thinkers have to start all over. It is a do or die. Things have changed, tide has changed and finally the thoughts can change through mental stress. Financial and media news need to constantly feed which can be repetion, old or new news to gather the world’s […]