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What surprising thing that holds you back?

Oh my goodness, Year 2018

Today is the day that I decided to check my ohiit personal web log and wow I haven’t updated in years since 2013. Oh my goodness that it flew to May 2018. Speaking to myself “Oh Incomprehensible Intelligent Thoughts (OHIIT)” what the hell are you doing for the past 4 years.” Long story short, been […]

Arrival of 2014

It seems now is the 7th day of January 2014. How fast time can run past you? It indeed flew past me like a breeze and I definitely will still remember the year 2013 where I get to experience the heartaches, harshest decision making of my life. It is still etched in my memory. The […]

Arrival of December 2013

Looks like my life is being very personal and it holds nothing else. Detailing my life is my personal favourite. Truly time make friends comes and go. I am not blogging to please everybody because everyone have different personality but you can try to relate yourself first. Every choices are vastly different. My only concern […]

What does fear mean to you?

Before I forget when the words disappear into another dimension I would rather write it down before it is all gone too soon. As I was on my way to work. A thought triggers and says “Don’t let fear gets bigger or it will destroy you”. Once fears over consume you. You are dead and […]

Metropolis in a decade

I can’t believe I dreamed that in Clementi area where I lived which is part of Singapore has turned into metropolis and there were people who live in poverty. It was an ugly sight and not everyone can stomach seeing this small Clementi area turn into a monster. Many rich people alike millionaire living luxury […]

A dream by power nap

I took a power nap and I dreamed a dream….and the conversation goes like this. I was so inspired…. Life Mentor: If your drama ends here you are definitely not Rudy. You ignored your friends and as a result your see your friends succeed first. But…your drama’s end isn’t here. If it extends this long, […]


‘M’ is the million things she gave me; ‘O’ is only that she’s growing old; ‘T’ is the tears she shed to save me; ‘H’ is for her heart of purest gold ‘E’ is for her eyes, with love-light shining; ‘R’ means right, she is always right here for me. EQUALS TO MOTHER!! RIGHT!! ^_^


爱你,恨你 谁知道? 水一样的情感有没有地方躲 千山传递,使千弯路 直到你到达遥远的天空 在人生的道路很长 谁知道,一直孤独的英雄? 如果你看到了一切一天 你的生活会少争像凉风和帆

Friendship shared…

This was an interesting experience to be traveling across different continents meeting different people from all walks of life. I love meeting beautiful people that are unique in their own way and has a unique form of character. Culture and language exchange are a very unique experience which is not found in your daily life.