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Some people said “PASSION” is rubbish and is a lost cause. Some people might have different views and opinion but do kindly tell yourself what passion is for. Think about it and do not say it is a lost cause. Passion is.. When you care about what you do, enthusiasm carries you through. When you […]

The compromise to your well-being

I would like to finally say “It’s not that compromise is inherently wrong,” “I just didn’t find anything to my interest very seriously satisfying. It is always not enough to know how, what, why, when as unfortunate crisis might unfold within you or you have thoughts of a words that you want to express but […]

I’m not naive but am humbly inexperience

I am not naive enough to believe that one episode in the wake of any kind of catastrophe can erase decades of mistrust. But it’s a start… For the past 5 years during my undergraduate days, living aboard after graduation at the same time in Australia, have experienced ups and downs through business dealings, networking […]

1st day sightseeing around Singapore

Anyone saw that car before. If not Singaporean can book the luxury car for your special occasion or events for a memory day to remember by. Hit your phone and dial: +65 9116 1150. Only in Singapore be aware. Till then enjoy in that luxury car. Here is another pics.. Oh yes we went to […]

No one, nobody, no person. hmm..

The world beyond our comprehenshion. No person, in any culture, likes to be bullied. No person likes living in fear because his or her ideas are different. Nobody likes being poor or hungry, and nobody likes to live under an economic system in which the fruits of his or her labor go perpetually unrewarded. The […]

What if my dream is impossible?

Humans do incredible things. Consider Roger Crawford, The American born with one leg and two arms, but no hands. Roger became a professional tennis player. That is, he earned professional status and coached tennis for a living. You can read his story in his book, “PLAYING FROM THE HEART“. Roger’s story makes you take a […]


All the motivators and psychologists say you have to “believe in yourself”. That makes sense. But before you can believe in yourself, you have to believe yourself. So many people are wimps when it comes to promises and commitment. They say they’ll do something, and they don’t. They promise they’ll help you and they do […]

Trying New Things

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten Ask “courageous” people who they find the nerve to quit jobs, start business, buy real estate, move to different countries, do anything new and you’ll find a common approach. They ask themselves the question: “IF THE WORST HAPPEN, COULD I DEAL WITH […]

Goodbye Australia, Singapore here I come..

It is a once lifetime’s biggest decision maker which I have open my mindset and live with changes. Financial crisis is one of the main reason because of Amercia banks and now all over the world is quite affected because most countries is doing business dealings with Amercia especially stocks. Now Australia currency has dropped […]

How to Trick Your Body into Doing Everything Right

Here is a visualization technique that accomplishes all that. It guarantees that everyone you encounter will feel your warmth. I call it “Hello Old Friend”. When meeting someone, play a mental trick on yourself. In your mind’s eye, see him or her as an old friend, someone you had a wonderful relationship with years ago. […]