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Splendor thinking has no start or an end to begin with

The world against us is not the only thing that flows to mind. Global issue is not the only topic at end of doubt reasoning. It is the only beginning that forms the knowledge of mind blowing comprehension that affairs of the world where the bigger picture can be an ugly side of the truth. […]

The road to health is intelligent’s wealth

WHY!! See on the diagrams of mind-setting I have drawn out as a guidelines. Why discipline is so important in our everyday life? Because discipline is not everyone’s favourite word. But self-discipline makes all the difference. Discipline is something you can’t be learnt by heart but experience, it is something within you where you have […]

Learn failure as an experience

Even in world class university or best education system does not teach you how to face failure and deal with it productively. Failure is considered as an embarassment to many and a secret that isn’t discussed in public openly for fear people might think inferior about you. This is natural. It is a common traits. […]

Singapore wanting to be world class?!?

Having read it in Business Times (The Weekend) on 25th saturday. There is one articles that have caught my eyes and thoughts. There is something which I do share her viewpoints. Her statement is somewhat catch my attention in terms of knowledge. It is very practical in a sensible way. “Singapore cannot be internationally competitive […]

37 words of ohiit

From my perception regarding about what “OHIIT” is expected to be? It is for my own personal self-thoughts and education to the world. Some audience might noticed that ohiit sound like “OH SHIT” in their subconscious mind or see things in different perspective way. I’m fine with the way it is. But to all the […]

Reaching thirty yet?

To all my friend out there including my hearing impaired friends. I hope you all are reading this articles of mine and if not then the sad fact is we are still growing up or maybe not at all. I have yet to reaching thirty but will soon in time. 2 years later. I have […]

The compromise to your well-being

I would like to finally say “It’s not that compromise is inherently wrong,” “I just didn’t find anything to my interest very seriously satisfying. It is always not enough to know how, what, why, when as unfortunate crisis might unfold within you or you have thoughts of a words that you want to express but […]

I’m not naive but am humbly inexperience

I am not naive enough to believe that one episode in the wake of any kind of catastrophe can erase decades of mistrust. But it’s a start… For the past 5 years during my undergraduate days, living aboard after graduation at the same time in Australia, have experienced ups and downs through business dealings, networking […]

No one, nobody, no person. hmm..

The world beyond our comprehenshion. No person, in any culture, likes to be bullied. No person likes living in fear because his or her ideas are different. Nobody likes being poor or hungry, and nobody likes to live under an economic system in which the fruits of his or her labor go perpetually unrewarded. The […]

What if my dream is impossible?

Humans do incredible things. Consider Roger Crawford, The American born with one leg and two arms, but no hands. Roger became a professional tennis player. That is, he earned professional status and coached tennis for a living. You can read his story in his book, “PLAYING FROM THE HEART“. Roger’s story makes you take a […]