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I’m deaf and always engineering my mindset. I would aim to live a full life with proper wisdom that comes with continuous education so that I can grow better as a human being. I am imperfectly able but still having incomprehensible intelligent thoughts. I am not intelligent but yet people said I am smart. Well that might be a compliment and I am honored to hear that but I do not deserve one as there are many smarter people out there who is much much intelligent than me. Till then my life projects is still ongoing. I am aiming for improvements not perfection.


In my own experience, I would like to develop my own stories and share. I believe by sharing this will be my gift of knowledge. Get real and personal with me. You will get to think and interpret in your own words with personal perspective. I believe, my sharing will eventually help you make a better choice. Be brave and get out there. Sharing is my interest and when I learn from my mistakes, I will grow as a person and can be a mentor to the masses. And most importantly of all, I am not your average human being.

Experience can’t be imparted to other person and only you are the creator of your own world in your eyes. Our brain can only contain all the important and valuable resource we are able to keep but there will be times our mindset with poor habits can be weaken when we are not of a sound mind due to negativity surrounding us. I would therefore like your presence to help me experience some unique journey that I haven’t taste or touch before. To come to a conclusion, do not fake your perfection and only you can improve from this point onward meaning starting now not in the future.

“Always remember do not compare your life to others. You never know what other people’s journey is all about. Just be yourself.”

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