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About Me

Why I created a presence through the web because not everyone can communicate everything. I used to hate reading books. I might not be a good public speaker. creative writer, ace college student or whatever. My childhood involving a kid, teenager and adulthood are about youth and life’s meanings. I am here to share

To be honest, I am not intelligent yet or claim to be knowledgeable. Therefore I created a online presnce (olog) like a data journal of opinions or can be extracted from reading books. Just want to get my thoughts out into the incomprehensible web-book of mine. This web-book is for me to freestyle type without any abstraction.

There are so much thing I have learn throughout the years of my life’s journey where I have come to a final idea of why “Oh Incomprehensible Intelligent Thoughts” is named. Therefore it became my handle name presence in World Wide Web.


There will be a day I hope the word “OHIIT” will interest people online as a general audience. For now it can be ramblings, personal view or extract from books as a reference.

Why ohiit? I believe it to be catchy,  5 letter character and funky. Maybe to you it might interpret something else. People are entitled to their own opinion. I love the idea of ohiit because it was a personal ideas i randomly concur. Flexible and free where the meaning can stand uniquely. I let feelings go nowhere but there are weblog formed in the first place where many people have different presence. This site is a place where I can think and say freely regardless of what people think. Other people’s opinion is not my business but I can take it as a feedback. Above all, it is all about differing mindset and it doesn’t have to be yours. If you feel you have something to say and feel free to leave a comments or message any where as you deem fit. Feel free. I welcome your comments anytime.


This web book is regarding about incomprehensible intelligent where I can generalise thoughts in my own way or learn from others’ worldview, life’s experience and comprehend the meaning with distinction. It can be from anywhere, books, novels or newspapers whatever the outcome may be. Cyber presence is so wide and overflowing with information.

Life is a theory of subject where you are involved in different kind of business which is complex… a subject far beyond the scope of any educated book  or writing ability. I am researching to furthering my information on a whole new level that I’m fascinated by things from all kinds (e.g: arts, politics, government, globalisation, human beings, relationship, etc..) and lastly profound hindsight.

If it is not as great as the webbook you have stumbled upon then I couldn’t careless. I am not here to entertain people who are void of feelings, non-appreciative or doesn’t understand life’s theory and lastly how the world works is relatively not under my control.  Leave that to the experts.

But above all there are things I personally view the world in a different light and to some degree, something of irreplaceable value that gives some creativity mind to work on. I love to dream so I am a dreamer faced with stumbling blocks, weather many different stage, took some detour and finally all you have to do is look forward, do it and best yourself. There is no try. Either you try or give up?

{ This page might change without notice at any given time }

Till then you all are free to post your thoughts or comments whenever you feel like it. Welcome to my world of ohiit.com.

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