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Internet’s Voice of The Future

A message: I wish I can register and attend the Web 3.0 Conference and Expo at web3event.net. But since I am broke, I can’t even afford a ticket to Santa Clara, CA let alone the registeration of the ticket. I very much wish to go. *sighz* too broke. Hope it is held next year. Kinda pathetic for me. So sad. Will be looking foward to next year’s conference if there is one. I be keeping my eye open for the events.

Oh yes since it is old news but yet I will still voice my opinion and viewpoint.

Since most of the banks in Amercia has financial problems, has taken the toll all over the world and the news is spreading like wild fire. Most Amercia banks on verge of collapse, some merge with other companies, finding sponsor for loans to save the company in the brink of collapse and looking for investor to fund to save the company. So many things that can happen in a blink of an eye. Fast forward to this day, Amercia has suffered great success and fall through generation which the world has knew up to this day. Many great happenings surrounding the Great Amercia that all mankind had known up to this day. Even the Amercia Stocks has a greater pie than the rest of the country. The rest is told in history. Too many things to comprehend in one sentence. The Amercia “IN GOD WE TRUST” has now become “IN DEBT WE TRUST” (http://www.indebtwetrust.org/). There are many things that is beyond our understanding.

Now it is the information age where the Internet has taken foothold of and so many voices out there crying out loud, making their reputation and opinion heard. So many bloggers wanting to make their viewpoint standout and build their presence online for the world to know. Too many to count in fact. Only determined and great visionaries can have a great succession in online presence. So many voice crying out loud for god’s sake. Many people out in cyberspace want to let the whole world know who they are. That is a bold web movement that is still ongoing.

Life is not as smooth sailing like the information highway. Many have gone through tough times and all in all it only depends on your hindsight of what you are seeing next. Make everyday as your last a priority and you will see greater hopes of the future. This is a changing world we live in as times moves, internet evolves, cyberspace blaze in a whiz, the earth revolves, voice debate and everything that has come together as one as a WEB which we have known of the internet generation that has been through the last 10 years since google has changed people’s perspective. Baidu is catching up soon as well. Since Baidu.com is already the next big thing in China and soon catching up to the world wide web. Or maybe whore wiggling web. *chuckles*

Web 3.0 is still moving to change the web presence of how internet surfers and web user interact because of the development of faster processor and hi-speed broadband access that rapidly changing the way we live in.

Web 1.0 (1990-2000)

Web 2.0 (2000-2010)

Web 3.0 (2010-2020)

Was on dial-up, 50k-512k average bandwidth

Average 1.5-10mb of bandwidth

1gb of bandwidth, or maybe even gigabits that has been happening

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