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Why successful people have it All?

Have you ever admired those successful people who seem to have it all? You see them chatting confidently at business meetings, comfortably at social parties. They’re the ones with the best jobs, the nicest spouses, the coolest friends, the biggest bank accounts, the most fashionable zip codes.

But wait a minute! A lot of them aren’t smarter than you. They’re not more educated than you. They’re not even better looking! So what is it? (Some people suspect they inherited it. Others say they married it, or were just plain lucky. Tell them to think again.) What it boils down to is their more skillful way of dealing with fellow human beings.

You see, nobody gets to the top alone. Over the years, people who seem to “have it all” have captured the hearts and conquered the minds of hundreds of others who helped boost them, rung by rung, to the top of whatever corporate or social ladder they chose.

Wanna-bes wandering around at the foot of the ladder often gaze up and grouse that the BIG BOYs and BIG GIRLS at the top are snobs. When BIG PLAYERS don’t give them their friendship, love, or business, they call them “cliquish” or accuse them of belonging to an “old-boy network.” Some grumble they hit their heads against a “glass ceiling.”

The complaining Little Leaguers never realize the rejection was their own fault. They’ll never know they blew the affair, the friendship, or the deal due to their own communications fumbles. Why don’t they see it? Because some of the moves BIG WINNERS make are so smooth, so subtle, it takes another BIG WINNER to recognize them.

The old boys – in the days when top management was, unfortunately, mainly old boys – complimented each other by saying, “Buddy, you ain’t no accident.” They bestowed this slang tribute with a tinge of jealously when one old buy saw some sensitive act the other had executed.

Indeed, today the old (and not so old) boys and girls who run our country, our corporations, and our arts “ain’t no accident.” Each has a big of tricks, a Midas touch that turns everything they do into success.

Announcement: Feel free to give some comments if you have differing opinions if you aren’t successful but can act like them.

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