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Goodbye Australia, Singapore here I come..

It is a once lifetime’s biggest decision maker which I have open my mindset and live with changes. Financial crisis is one of the main reason because of Amercia banks and now all over the world is quite affected because most countries is doing business dealings with Amercia especially stocks. Now Australia currency has dropped further. It is such a pain. I am not going to elaborate further because it has already became old news. Already too sick of all the news and media that has been popping everyday. Too much to stomach it.


So what do I look forward to? Go with the changes. Been away for too long and it is time for me to recover the lost time back in Singapore and make new friends, network with them and grow with them. I should share my knowledge and leverage my mindset in a socially better way to cope with challenges. Merge with it and start all over again. That is the changes I have to focus for now. Everything what you have learnt until to this day might be a pivot role for you in time of needs but won’t last you forever. Have to constantly live with changes. So here Singapore I come to enlighten some of my friends who still have a weak mindset and doesn’t have worldly sense. To learn is very time consuming and I can feel them and understand their thoughts. To this day I have discover a whole new world where people who are far very intelligent but still in poverty and not-so-intelligent people yet are able to work their way to riches.

Here is a question to ponder on: Have you ever wonder who have great talent remain poor, while others who have very little talent get rich. There are alot of things out in this world where there is a possibilities.

In this world we as human live only for 3 motives. Body, Mind and Soul. It is not right or noble for the soul and deny the mind or the body and it is wrong to live for the intellect and deny the body and soul. We all have the harmful consequence of living for the body and denying both mind and soul; we readily see that real life means the complete expression of all that man can give in body, mind and soul. No matter what a person might say, no one can be really happy or satisfied unless his body is functioning optimally and unless mind and soul are well and healthy. – by Sean Rasmussen

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