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Their journey to Genting Highlands

Dedicated to Mike, Mick, Adrian: Good luck in Genting Highlands

Mike: I ‘m afraid to use car. I scared might meet with a mishap. DAMNIT!! I don’t wanna drive car coz I scared that might meet an accident.

Mick: WHAT! OMG!! TOUCHWOOD!! Mike spit your word out. How can you be scared if you are really careful? Extremely careful I mean. WTFOMFG!!

Adrian: Alamak!! I really wish Mike use car coz more safer. If use coach, very long journey and a bummy ride there. You all guys might vomit. People in the coach are unruly and have a smelly body armpit and odour. Can you guys stand it eh?

Rudy comes into the scene,

Rudy: Come on you guys are old enough to take care of yourself. Be more mature and drive a car. It might give you alot of insight while travelling along the highway of Malaysia. More exposure to roads. End of story. That is it period. I wish you all best of luck in Genting Highlands.

Till 1 weeks later, Mike decide to take coach so Mick and Adrian were forced to go in coach. They went on a trip to Genting Highlands by coach. They were happily looking forward to it but at the same time smell the danger. And suddenly they picture their thoughts of a road danger sign.

Here is the screenshot:

Rudy: LOL!!

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