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I’m not naive but am humbly inexperience

I am not naive enough to believe that one episode in the wake of any kind of catastrophe can erase decades of mistrust. But it’s a start…

For the past 5 years during my undergraduate days, living aboard after graduation at the same time in Australia, have experienced ups and downs through business dealings, networking with some liked minded person who share different cultures and viewpoints. I have come to understand that with many faces has its own stories. It was a difficult, transitional period of my 5 years in an Australia soil where I have came to learn lots of things, different views, different people, different hardship, different communication, different community and lastly my life changing ways to embrace the situation of the realities around me which is so profound to explain and whereas it can’t be surmounted to your understanding that has never been felt, touched and bled before. There are words that should be left unsaid.

There are so many worldly views I have YET to learn, so much to learn, so muchhhhh…. that I felt my mind has been weighted heavily that is unfathomable to climb to greater heights but I believe, believe I will get there someday and somewhere when I can offer my hard knocks experience to like minded people who have felt the appreciation of values’ life waking moments.

To end my post of thoughts short. I still know that everyone has it own shortcomings. Do not be afraid to share your knowledge be it right or wrong. After you have learnt the experience, correct it, change it, change the belief and your confidence in a whole new possible way with a very postive attitudes. Truly it doesn’t come by so easily. Learn to treasure it and live by your character well.

Feel free to leave some comments if you have stories to share or just to say “HI”.

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