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The compromise to your well-being

I would like to finally say “It’s not that compromise is inherently wrong,” “I just didn’t find anything to my interest very seriously satisfying. It is always not enough to know how, what, why, when as unfortunate crisis might unfold within you or you have thoughts of a words that you want to express but couldn’t find the words to muster in a meaningful way and so you muttered to yourself “WHY, am I not smarter than others, there are people that has gain reputation and practical knowledge in the marketplace.”

There is one thing in my whole life, I’ve discovered as I get older is that you have to do what is satisfying to you. IT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!! In fact that’s one of the advantages of old age, I suppose, that you have finally learned what matters to you and me. It is hard to know that at a age of 24 to 26 years old. Maybe you might be the one of the upcoming age. (Who knows?) And the problem is that nobody else can answer that question for you. You can only figure it out on your own.

A few years later or maybe longer since I have lost count, I think back on that conversation of my parents, my elder relatives or whatever have said to me and should kindly appreciate their words more than what you or I did at the time. For I believe I am getting to an age where I have a sense of what satisfies me and although I am perhaps more tolerant of compromise on the issue than my friend was, I know that my satisfaction is not to be found from all walks of life, worldly experience and hardship can really matters to you. Above all it is an experience where you need to have continous learning.

Remember one thing we are at an INFORMATION AGE where young people are smarter than us or even old and elderly people have profound knowledge but are unable to share their stories to their own peers of that level. It is better to know now than to know later and do not expect someone to come and say something to you. Don’t say “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” Guys and ladies, KNOCK IT OFF!

Please discover your own self-awareness rather than expecting others to help you unless you have tried means and ways till you are mentally drained then kindly ask for help somewhere else, your family, your relatives or your close friend. It all depends on WHO YOU TRUST? That is why up to this day I am still continously discovering my knowledge of self-awareness and making in-road to improve myself in a whole new way so I can leave some legacy that is more meaningful then I can finally tell myself that I have “ACHIEVE” something in life. The same applies to everyone too. Always remember one thing “STOP GIVING YOURSELF EXCUSES ” and “GET SERIOUS“.

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