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In life nobody cares.

It is in fact indeed true. BRUTAL TRUTH out there. WHY? Because noboday care or give a thought. So do it yourself is your best choice in life. Fight your way up and chase dreams after dreams. Your own way. Be creative. Life is not yours to fall on. Your life is to fight a future you want to be in not other people’s life and opinion get a hold on you or feed your brains with rotten advise. I am sure you don’t want that. You have the brains to block off the information.

Have you ever heard something before…

“Well, How Do You Like Me So Far?”

Remember the old joke? The comic comes onstage and the first words out of his mount are, “Well,  how do you like me so far?” The audience always cracks up. Why? Because we all silently ask that question. Whenever we meet someone, we know, consciously or subconsciously, how they are reacting to us.

Do they look at us? Do they smile? Do they lean toward us? Do they somehow recongnize how wonderful and special we are? We like those people. They have good taste. Or do they turn away, obviously unimpressed by our magnificence. The cretins!

Two people getting to know each other are like little puppies sniffing each other out. We don’t have tails that wag or hair that bristles. But we do have eyes that narrow or widen. And hands that flash knuckles or subconsciously often in the palms-up “I submit” position. We have dozens of other involuntary reactions that take place in the first few moments of togetherness.

Truth to be told. Who gives a thought about you? Well no one. Why should you care? Don’t dwell too much on it my friend. There is always a cause and effect. If your life is stagnant, you need to look at what you are putting in. Have you ever hear someone saying “I’m nurturing my relationships, I’m putting maximum effort into my work – and NOTHING GOOD is happening in my life.” STOP IT!! Your life is an energy system. If nothing good is happening in your life. It is your fault. Once you acknowledge that your input shapes your circumstances, you crease to be a victim.

Life is always a lesson learnt after experiencing a mistake and never giving up. Once you give up, you will be a failure your whole life and that is why to this day many millions people out in this world fighting a foothold of their future. That includes me, you, every humankind as well as the disable. Millions of people out there with different experience of misfortunte. It is not only us.

So we aren’t alone. We aren’t done. We aren’t finished. We have to flip through another chapter of our lives.

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