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Reaching thirty yet?

To all my friend out there including my hearing impaired friends. I hope you all are reading this articles of mine and if not then the sad fact is we are still growing up or maybe not at all. I have yet to reaching thirty but will soon in time. 2 years later. I have yet to figure out what should be done to achieve something in life before thirty.

To those who has reach thirties or beyond thirties. CONGRATS my friend. You have live another chapter and wish to move on. That is continous learning.

I guess life goes on. We all grow up. In our whole life from childhood till now. We do age with time. Life is priceless and do we think our life is worthless? Don’t be. I believe everyone has a life of choice to chase dreams after dreams and convert into realities. It is one of the hardknocks of our life that we need to wake up or before we realise it is too late. What if we reach thirties, forties, fifies and sixties then realise “WHAT DID I EVER ACHIEVE IN LIFE?” Then the signals nudges us with a sledgehammer. Only then growth is most painful when we resist it. Don’t resist. Open your mindset to all the possibilities. We are still learning, so much to learn. Even expert in stock  market has been hit hard but we all learn from the outcomes, mistake after mistakes, bled for and cry for but it is all a part and parcel of life.

So up to this day we are not worthless but the painful truth is why we haven’t achieve in life that can make us happy in every chapter of our lives. Well truth to be told the universe is always nudging us with gentle signals. God has a message for us or maybe not. There is something in life we all have a price to pay for. Disaster in our life is an experience we learnt from and convert us into strengths but can be mentally drained. So stand strong and firm. I believe all mankind has problems to vary degree. We learn our biggest lesson when the going get rough.

When have you made the most important decisions in your life? When you were on your knees – after disasters, after knock-backs, when you’ve been kicked in the head. That’s when we say to ourselves: I’m sick of being broke, sick of being kicked around. I’m tired of being mediocre. I’m going to do something.”

When it comes to success we celebrate but don’t learn much from it but when it comes to failure we will learn alot. Tons more and beyond our comprehension. In retrospect, we usually notice “disasters or a bad experience” were a turning points. In truth we are a creatures of habits. We keep doing until we are forced to change.

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