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I used to be unintelligent.

Haha, I don’t mean I am stupid but am actually very ignorant when I was in my younger days. But now as time flows pass. I came to realise the importance of friendship, people’s viewpoints, different mindset and self-encouraging books are a way to change your life’s experience. From everything you see and do is a whole new experience once you set down to do something to change your life.

I was very very ignorant in my teens which is sometimes not a blessing in disguise unless you are very lucky to get away scott free. There are many things in life where life’s intelligence can really kill you. Why? Because too much information overload. Way too much to comprehend and that is why I pen down my thoughts on this weblog. It might be in a good way or might not be. I can go paperless. I feel I want this weblog as my data journal so whenever in time I come back and look back to my old journey of life. I can read what I have written in the past. So I can review it back and prove myself whether I have all the answer within my fingertips to the very degree of life’s theory in a proven scientific way. But all I can say it is still too early to uncover. Life’s theory always change and do age with time.

Bear in mind once you age with time, your experience may fade but you wisdom heighten. At the same time might be frail as the growing passing days after the age of sixty to seventy. So I can’t really prove my point yet but I can confidently say that at the age of sixty and seventy the thoughts is far more profound or might wither away. Old people see things very differently as you age with time. So the power like a battery might not last long but it can be recharged. The problem is lifespan will be shorten if you prolong the recharger in the wrong way. So do time age as the health can deteriorate if not taken good care since your health welfare is your lifelong assets.

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