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Heng Long International Ltd as a Public Listed

It has long been overdue and Heng Long has gone IPO last 8th July 2008. So I wish my friend Koh Wei Kang in helping succeed his dad company through generation, take it even further and to greater heights.

It has taken Heng Long thirty long years to become what it is today started by his father Koh Chon Tong. But the nature of the business from the ground up to become Heng Long was actually sixty-three years long which was started by Wei Kang’s great grandfather. So now it is already the third generation. Truth to be told it took his dad 1 yr of auditing to get Heng Long listed. Not an easy task and it has been a long journey for Heng Long. Anyway I wish Heng Long an everlasting reputation. I am glad to know Wei Kang through my brother, Karter Lee’s introduction since 2006.

I believe he can be a great leader and a succession model for his dad company. Till then hope he can raise in ranks to the best of his abilities and capability. Everything is always a learning process. He is one humble person and is popular among his friends who he socialise and network among his peers in his undergraduate years in an Australia university. Graduated from Murdoch University. He has been through tough times before so I believe the experience and existence has made him into a refined person. Life is always a bumpy road for everybody. Heng Long is continuously evolving.

It has been through three crisis, 1997 – Asian Financial Crisis, 2001 – 11th September: The Day the World Change, 2003 – Virus of the Year: SARs and now 2008 – World Financial Crisis the forth.

Here is a screen shot of Heng Long International Ltd in Today’s Newspaper from 24th September 2008.

Heng Long International Ltd as public listed company in SMEs 500

There are advantage and disadvantage of going public listed.

+ Increased captial
+ Improved financial position
+ Reduce personal fending and guarantee
+ Public company status
+ Marketability of shares
+ Better employee morale and productivity

– Increased pressure to improve growth and maintain profit
– Disclosure of Information and additional compliance requirements
– Dilutes of control
– Listing cost

REFERENCE: http://ir.asiaone.com/henglong/index.html

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