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Heaven sent

Life is a gift that I wasn’t born intelligent, doesn’t have worldly sense, am not powerful speaker, knowing the life of ins and outs. I grew up knowing nothing, was very wilful, was innocent and stubborn, void of feelings, taking people for granted and to top it all not showing appreciation.

Now I came to one final waking moments. Life is always an art of appreciation that you are on a journey to face the stepping stone founded none than other answer within you that instill the dormant technical intelligence knowledge that is unfounded. So I went oversea to learn how to be independent, equip myself with critical thinking and knowing the hardknocks of life’s experience in-depth and finally found it to be profound that is too much to explain in mere words. I have came to realise I am so hungry for information where I do not have the thirst to stomach the media news that has been feeding people with all the misleading information that has bound peoples’ ignorance bliss.

Till now my learning is gradually an ongoing process where I haven’t yet reaching my capability to the maximum. I am frankly neither great or good. I just felt it was an heaven sent to test my knowledge endurance that has been hidden so well till now. I am still searching for the answer to my internal comprehension whether I am really capable or intelligent to deliver my message that still remains like a blunt blade which hasn’t been sharpened for years.

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  1. Ruthie says:

    Very interesting blog… hmmm… interesting thoughts… lots to ponder… you have an interesting way of thinking… hmmm….


    Ruth D. Hochman

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