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Life is not rocket science

Have you ever wonder how you see on movies, media and Tv news that rocket can shoot you up into space. You go “Ohhhh, Ahhhhh, Wow, Hmmmm..” Impressive at first sight and your eye peer wide wondering how did they do it.

This is not rocket science to be brutal honest. It requires the best aerospace engineers, structure developers, scientist and team of world class lead designer to be able to build solid and stable rocket that can enable people to fly into space of our today’s present generation that mankind can journey into space. To build a rocket is not impossible task but requires time, tons amount of money, open minded sponsors and visionary investors to be able to see the future of tomorrow’s mankind. Then their hardwork will have paid off. The real underlying foundation is they start from a few failed tries and experiment. Fail and failed till the right model and structure are vitally sound to build a successful model. The feat is a giant leap forward for privately-funded space ventures. It is by no easy experience where no one can be able to feel, touch and say in your own words unless you have been to and fro in time or in space continuum. Then the words will be speechless and it will be etched forever in your memory for a lifetime till you die.

No amount of money can be brought with your vast in-depth experience and knowledge. It is not a measurement of your capability but distinction of experience and knowledge which is more worthly towards your personal growth. Only one thing is that the memories you can bring it to your grave but not your knowledge. Knowledge is to be passed down through generation or shared by world class scholars. That is what people call it a legacy if you have the power to etch in other people’s memories of you. That is more worthy of your cause.

Then again you have to think life always doesn’t begin with a short cuts but a detour. It is the way life works in every possible way. Life is always not straight but happens in different ways with different roads you choose. Be it bad or good that befalls you. Accept with happiness where you get to re-think and take a harder look about what is the best possible path for you to tread on in a benefitting way.

You can’t expect yourself to walk on a thin glass since it is fragile. If you find it impossible then find another way out. That is how life signals sent out answer within you. Don’t always think life is like a highway that has no traffic. It is not suppose to work out this way. There are times highway is freely available but always has a pattern. It is not like everything is within our control. There are times it is beyond our comprehension as to why we aren’t in control. That is why life always have a signal to sent a becon to us so we can realise and wake up from our own mistake that has failed before us where we get to learn the changes. It is paramount to having bigger achievement in life where this valuable luxury won’t happen before you. Knowing your limits with great care and don’t go aboveboard. There are things in life that is very hard to comprehend and be explained in words that related to theories of my incomprehensible intelligent thoughts where meaning holds far beyond our understanding. Time changes, vision moves, cloud wanders like a fleeting sound of mere seconds with distinction.

What does it mean by life is not rocket science?

4 reason of life’s comprehension:
1) What you know is not what you see and what you see is not what you know,
2) what you hear is not what you know and what you know is not what you hear,
3) what you experience is not how you explain and what you explain is not how you experience.
4) what you share is not how you can deliver and what you can deliver is not how you share,

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