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Incomprehension of a brilliant minds

This is politically omnipotent cronies of a powerful corporations of a high status where they stand to gain fame and wealth. From who? That is the supporters, the people and its viewership. It is all talks of a powerful status where people can’t really match up to. Potentially great people of notable status are but actually lies an ordinary people like us but what strangely makes them so different and worlds apart. That is through media hype if anyone haven’t reach a knowledge of awareness. Media is a powerful form of advertising tools that enable them to raise stardom and famous through the TVs, newspapers, recognised brandings, marketing and advertising campaign which requires money to be successful.

Money is the most powerful viral that can transform people to be reputable and have benefiting status to help viewers get noticed. It is not for the naivety of the people with belittling minders and watchers.

Financial, political, delegates advisor, prime minister, tycoons and leaders or whatever mankind have something that are commonly known as a think tank thinkers but aren’t yet perfect in any form of disciplines. To build on intelligence requires a teamwork that are highly sought after. Everyone is not build on intelligence but a road-map of fame, brandings and wealth knowledge that enable them to raise awareness and enrich their knowledge which is not all about one man’s show. That is one of the underlying truth but can never be highly a controversy. It is hard to go against a politically or a wealthy figure of a high social status of ability to reach for the stars. We are none other than the images of a lowly status that flutters the images of a rich and famous who was once a kid that used to be so innocent and wildful at times but can be quite a great transformers into great mens of bigger dreams that travel long journey back in time.

It is not something that is beyond our control but within our abilities that is up to us to take charge or lead if there is a discipline of our mindset that can transform us into better men of ability to finetune our incomprehensible intelligent thoughts into able thinkers of life’s mandate where it can’t be measured by experience to a vary degree that requires time and money that once flourish into dreams of never ending tomorrows.

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