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It takes years to be learned

By learning we can improvise in the long run with proven action rather than cheap talks. Need to show before the foundation is laid. Talk doesn’t help in improvising but learning is the way to blend and embrace changes where the world always moves constantly. People’s thoughts and opinion can be a voice of their education in a post-idealism-reality world where their experience far values more than mere society’s big corporation who only knows how to talk but has failed in showing action.

That will never put in good future’s hands in the years ahead of time. People are our strengths not the world’s government in their own countries’ nationality of governing the law. Law needs to change too after constant changes in the long term. Things are always changing so laws and principles have to change as well. Information always keep changing due to the worlds’ people thought that flows very differently as their stories unfolded through experience that none others felt first hand. It is what I called in-depth experience which can’t be explain by mere-words or your own’s views. You need to experience it first hand before you can feel in other people’s shoes. It is not something that are materialistic form in own’s imagination which is not yours alone to nurture. Things always move around so need to open doors to everything for constant learning cycle rather than resisting to change. People’s lifestyle also changes and moves up and down like financial crisis as well.

Our health welfare do have economy and financial crisis. We can get sick and recover too in an unpredictable times. The world is unfathomable to measure our knowledge that is impossible to enable us to foresee what has unfolded but we learn to improvise rather than chasing for perfection in every angle which might only seems futile.

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