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Economy crisis 2008 has changed the world’s thinkers

Hoping for a better tomorrow. Well the world’s thinkers have to start all over. It is a do or die. Things have changed, tide has changed and finally the thoughts can change through mental stress. Financial and media news need to constantly feed which can be repetion, old or new news to gather the world’s thinkers of tomorrow happenings which is not relatively easy. Too many hype and myths that distorts nowadays.

No one knows. The actual truth is everyone conjure upon on their thoughts blended together with real life’s experience of perception views to deliver news.

Who do you trust? Well nobody I have to say. It is all a risk and lose takers. Trust only how you fare with your insight and thoughts. Things have come to square one since financial is in turmoil but might last a while before things will stabilise. Predictable!! Nope I don’t think so unless someone has step forward with the right hindsight with absolute answer.

Everyone have their own stories to tell but it will all soon be forgotten. It is just a merely storytelling that holds no punch unless it is relatively a proven experience shared by all the world’s best thinkers that has been through tough times but things changed forever. I believe that economy crisis has taught everyone to think carefully before doing something so risky, change education, change mindset, change direction, change attitude and all in all is CHANGES. Discipline is the #1 valuable experience insight that is priceless which is very vast and broad in topics related to economics.

Nowadays everyone needs to be learned to be careful in what outcomes will be no matter how risky or not it is today. It is all about the people of economics where information holds no barriers of today’s technology as free for all to read and listen. It is the story about people not about world affairs.

1) Not all CEOs are great business leaders because learning never stops.
2) Not all economists are great in advising because learning never stops.
3) Not all financial advisers are great in numbers because learning never stop.

Everything has changed and so do times. It is constant improvement and learning curves not complete with the best but requires teamwork to complete among the world’s best is now no longer related. Everyone need to know their mindset and how discipline can help in all team’s effort not invidiual’s efforts. It is all about open COMMUNICATION and UNDERSTANDING.

Just face the music. People get over it and stop your affright.

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