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December days flows by in a swift

Was busy with work. I have nothing much to say this week as I am pre-occupied with work nowdays, keeping myself busy to forget all the little-bitting bits of economic downturns (TOO MUCH CRAP IN NEWSPAPER). I am learning the Windows Scripting for Win 2003 Server just for the sheer fun of it.

Just to equip my knowledge of Powershell Scripting to support the System Administrator and Network Administrators as well. I believe this dualistic behavior causes problems for many network administrators who are used to the Cmd.exe command interpreter with its weak batch language and the powerful (but confusing) VBScript language for automatting administrative tasks.

VBScript was more or less designed with Web pages in mind. Neither was designed from the ground up for network administrators. Why learning Windows Scripting is a good tools. Because the best practise is to save hours of work each year rather than going through all the windows task that most commonly administrator do.

But I know that windows scripting is very time consuming but by mastering the scripting tools it will pay off in the end and save tons of hours of handling the manual task at hand.

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