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Human Brain Factor

What does HBF means? It is one of the lost founding where no one has thought of or a mind of a own. It is not up to my domain knowledge. I am a free thinker where things and thoughts surmount into realities from different angle of life itself. Bigger than life, bigger than wondorous work of wonders and strange happenings all around your daily life.

I am not in the position to say something at will but would aspire to be but it was never to be the case because different profession I have been up to or experienced has inquire so many thoughts into one of my tiny brain. As I see upon the outside world in real horizon perspective and inner world of vertical perspective become one like a postive sign. It is something that no real science can be able to explain the works of wonders in a limelight in the near far fetched future. There is something about Human Brain Factor that someone must be daring to explain and summarise about the real drama of truth out there.

So many thinks to think and imagine creativity in it but so little time. Yes indeed it is true. As a remembrance when you stare across the  plane’s windows. You saw a cloud so beautiful and bluffly along the blue sky’s horizon when you are almost 20,000 feet high as you stare across. You began to wonder why the world is so beautiful and yet human kind are so ugly in depth. What I mean is the human comprehension’s mind is something of profound understanding which we aren’t expected to read people’s mind but using common sense as a tools for the survival of the fitness to mesh into the crowd.

That is something that is not into our daily knowledge. HBF has many unexplained truth. Hopefully the DNA intelligence can be explained one of these days. It is called  human science. It has worked wonders but has failed multiple times until it is willing to reach FULL POTENTIAL. Human Brain Factor can never be replaced by microchip.

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