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The Other Sex

That would be, men.

Where have men been taught their worth comes from? Men, since the beginning of human history, have been taught or told that their worth comes from their possessions, titles, job, net worth, holdings, size of bank account — what I call their material bodies (as opposed to their physical bodies).

While it is also completely politically incorrect to say this, the fact remains that men have been judged almost solely on what they possess or are capable of earning — bringing home the bacon. Of course, this is not where a man’s worth comes from.

So, what if you have a human being who has been told since the beginning of time that his worth comes from … not his physical body, but his material body (even though this isn’t true, it’s what he’s been taught). Let’s further assume that this person develop a really negative self-image. Now you have a person who’s been told that his worth comes from his material body and you add to that a very low sense of self-worth…

Doesn’t it make sense that he will punish that part of himself that he was told his worth comes from — namely, his material body? And if you are going to unconsciously punish your material body, doesn’t it make sense that you are going to starve yourself of success?

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