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What every problem you will ever face really is

We typically fear, try to avoid, ignore, or get away from problems. But really, a problem is simply a question hasn’t been answered yet.

Any problem, from the trivial to the tremendous, is really a question searching for an answer. Here are a few serious global problems and their associated questions:

Global warming: “How can we stop destroying the Earth and still live the lives we want?”

Poverty: ” How can we equally distribute the wealth of the world so that people don’t have to go without the basic necessities of life?”

Unemployment: ” How can we get everyone working in jobs that produce wealth for themselves and help society function better as well?”

(Notice I didn’t say these were easy questions. That is why we haven’t found all the answers yet!)

What about the problems people face on the personal or professional level?

Wanting to be more successful: “How can I be more successful in my life and business?”

Lack of organisation: “Why can’t I find what I am looking for?”

Wanting companionship: “Why can’t I meet the person of my dreams?”

If you want to change any of these, you could use the traditional affirmation method by saying things like: “I am a success, I am organised, I am good enough,” and so on.

You may believe these statements and you may not. Now, if affirmations work for you, that is great. If, however, you find yourself not believing your affrimations (like most of us), and you are not totally satisfied with the results, why not try something so simple, yet powerful, that the traditional success teachers skipped right over it on their way to breakfast:

Rather than making a statement you don’t believe..why not ask a QUESTION that can transform your life?


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