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Good communication

How many times have you heard the “good communication skills”? You know…. the job requirements that stated good communication skills are a must. Are they really that important? Yes. Do most people do a good job of it? No. Don’t take your communication skills for granted. As part of your job, you need to take a step back, evaluate and deploy communication skills that will drive further success. Effective communication skills are what you say and how you say it; your verbal and nonverbal communication.

Strong communication skills include the abilities to:

• Listen and understand: Stay quiet, do not interrupt and paraphrase what you heard.

• Make distinctions: Ask insightful questions to understand and confirm what the other person is trying to say.

• Make requests: Get clear on what you want and ask for it.

• Communicate information or opinions: Directly communicate your recommendations and suggestions.

When you effectively apply these communication techniques, you clearly convey your message and better understand the needs of others.

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