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The moment of tomorrow

Life in the fast lane can be a wonderful feeling but can sometimes be a stumbling block in your way. You will see things differently everyday if not days, months and years away. People faced different problem on a daily basis if not months and years. Everyone is faced with different issue that might not be a motivation and an inspiration factor which cause them to lose their dreams, goals and focus that always wither away as time goes by.

You see the world around you and there are people that shot to stardom and some superstars also faced failures in life and has taken the fall but they choose to face it with open heart. There are a many rare few that can stand up on their own two feet. Some can stand with their two hands upside down to see their own perspective in a different way. Viewpoints differ to alot of people and there is no define way of seeing things that has a self-belief. There is no right or wrong to correct your mindset with inner eyes, emotion and mind.

What you see is what you don’t hear?

What you hear is what you don’t see?

Hey, doesn’t it sound familiar but are always ingored upon. It is the world that are thrown at you with anger. Happiness is rarely found within you and it is always so short lived. Happiness are an expensive price to pay but can be acquired within your own self if you seek the answer for yourself that is within you.

The moment of tomorrow will never fade away until you cover it with your both eyes. Turn a blind eyes if you choose to. The choice is yours.

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