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幸福不是你房子有多大,而是房里的笑声有多甜;幸福不是你开多豪华的车,而是你开着车平安到家;幸福不是你的爱人多漂亮,而是爱人的笑容多灿烂;幸福不是 在你成功时的喝彩多热烈,而是失意时有个声音对你说:朋友别倒下!幸福不是你听过多少甜言蜜语,而是你伤心落泪时有人对你说:没事,有我在。

Happiness is not by how big your house but how sweet the laughter can fill the room; happiness is not about the luxurious car but can drive home safely; happiness is not how beautiful your love is but a sincere brilliant smile; happiness is not about being successful and having enthusiastic applause but there is a disappointed voice saying: “Friends do not fall!” Happiness is not how much you hear about sweet talking but when you cry and someone says: “I will be there for you.”

Happiness knows no bounds

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