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Metropolis in a decade

I can’t believe I dreamed that in Clementi area where I lived which is part of Singapore has turned into metropolis and there were people who live in poverty. It was an ugly sight and not everyone can stomach seeing this small Clementi area turn into a monster. Many rich people alike millionaire living luxury in this area that cause me to see things which I wasn’t expecting in two decades.

Oh my, how things have drastically changed so much that I couldn’t begin to fathom the word “WHY?” I saw buildings with executive condominium standing tall in front of the HDB therefore blocking the sun’s rays through my windows where I usually so used to seeing the bright lights. As I peer across the executive condos and I saw people’s actions through the glass panel across my windows. It was so lively but at the same time my heart sank because it was not the Clementi I once knew. Everything has transformed.

As I looked down the street through my windows, I saw like millions of people crowding the street. It was so darn packed and my mum looked at it with sorrow that she couldn’t go to market like before due to the throngs of crowds jostling around. Every car was hybrid technology equipped. I felt that I was seeing the future that stand before me. It was so overwhelming.

Then suddenly I awoke and found myself in present day on my bed and heave a sign of relieve. I am back. It was just only a dream. I believe that dream has a message for me. As it reads in my thoughts “Overcome your negative mindset and accept the challenge of your decision not the people around you.” Ahhhhh….

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