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1. Remember your goal: Every passion, when you turn it into a career, does become a job. But it is much easier to go to work when you’re not just putting in your time but your interests as well.

2. Fail and learn: Research and development is a lot of failure. You can successfully prove many different ways not to do something before you find out that is right. Anybody who doesn’t use failure as a part of his/her learning curve is either kidding himself/herself or is out of touch.

3. Write it down: Keep a small notebook with yourself. You may get little crazy, goofy ideas all the time and there will be guys around you doing the same. Then you can all sit and do a brain dump on a regular basis. A lot of times, one idea feeds another and a third one springs from that. Keep them all. There are a lot of things you might think of tomorrow that might not have applicability until next year or a few years down the line as technology and materials come into play that makes it possible. There are no bad ideas, just unused ones.

4. Keep working: It’s difficult to master this craft. To constantly improve is the greatest part of the game. Improve the next version and deliver a better product so people can have a little bit more fun than they had yesterday.

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