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Men Talk Silently to Themselves

Men evolved as warriors, protectors and problem solvers. Their brain bias and social conditioning prevent them from showing fear or uncertainty. This is why, when a man is asked to solve a problem, he will often say, ‘Can you leave it with me?’ or ‘I’ll think it over.’ And that exactly what he does – he thinks it over silently, with an expressionless face. Only when he has the answer will he speak or look animated to show he is ready to communicate the solution. Men talk mainly inside their heads because they don’t have the verbal capability that women have to use words externally for communication. When a man is sitting staring out of a window, a brain scan shows that he is having a conversation with himself – inside his head. When a women sees a man doing this, she assumes that he’s bored or idle, and tries to talk to him or give him something to do. A man will often become angry when interrupted. As we know, he can’t do more than one thing at once.

Extracted from pg82, Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps ~ by Allan & Barbara Pease

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