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Arrival of 2014

It seems now is the 7th day of January 2014. How fast time can run past you? It indeed flew past me like a breeze and I definitely will still remember the year 2013 where I get to experience the heartaches, harshest decision making of my life. It is still etched in my memory. The year 2013 that are so unforgettable that rode some bumps. Bad decision and mistakes are a learning experience for me and I am gonna review this feedback of mine.

I hope to personally set my record straight and review my personal goals and break some obstacles and level up some tough decision this January month. Negativity and anger is the worst enemy that can creep into my mind but I gotta somehow need to block it from coming back. Looks like there are some funds that has depleted my cash-flow very quickly. Gotta get this personal finance in order this year. Got to cut back some unnecessary insurance.

And finally long distance relationship is something I get to learn and experience sweetest and sourest moments. Being in a real BGR (boy & girl relationship) has taught me alot of things especially LDR (long distance relationship) which is by far the most difficult hurdle. Communication and language culture barriers are the toughest without any physical touch. But after all it has some its good side. A real relationship always has fights, tears and hurts but has trust, faith. Has sweet smiles and also coupled with genuine laughter. Has weird, stupid, unnecessary arguments. Has patience. Has communication. Has secrets. Has jealousy and most importantly it has LOVE.

Finally of all and anyone wants to face true life’s experience. Let go of fears.


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