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Arrival of 2014

It seems now is the 7th day of January 2014. How fast time can run past you? It indeed flew past me like a breeze and I definitely will still remember the year 2013 where I get to experience the heartaches, harshest decision making of my life. It is still etched in my memory. The […]

Men Talk Silently to Themselves

Men evolved as warriors, protectors and problem solvers. Their brain bias and social conditioning prevent them from showing fear or uncertainty. This is why, when a man is asked to solve a problem, he will often say, ‘Can you leave it with me?’ or ‘I’ll think it over.’ And that exactly what he does – […]

Get Great At Life

Life is a skill. And like any other skil, once you know the ground rules and make the time to practise, you can get better. Alot better. If you really devote yourself to life, you could even reach a place of mastery. Some have. 3 Simple things to do to get great at life: 1. […]

A new day begins

It seems like I am slowly recovering from web hiatus. Alot of happenings going on. 3 times car incident from Feb 2013 to May 2013. Seriously, alot of things happening. But now I have started to see the views in a different angle. It actually becoming clearer and more positive. On the other hand the […]

It has been such a long time…

WOW!! Looking at the November 2011. It has been such a long time, I last updated. Almost into 10 months and I haven’t since updated anything. WOW!! 10 months do really whizzed pass very fast. Hmmmm….I really am wondering what this blog’s purpose would be. I used to have first previous domain rukii.com but it […]


1. Remember your goal: Every passion, when you turn it into a career, does become a job. But it is much easier to go to work when you’re not just putting in your time but your interests as well. 2. Fail and learn: Research and development is a lot of failure. You can successfully prove […]

Holstee Manifesto

这就是你的生活。 做你爱做的事情,而且要经常地做。 那些你不喜欢的事物,试着去改变。 不喜欢你的工作,那就辞了。 没有足够的时间,那就别看电视。 停止去寻找你生命中的爱, 因为他们一直在等着你开始去做你爱做的事情。 不要过于精打细算。 所有的情感都是美丽的。 不管你在吃什么,请怀着感激去享受那最后一口。 打开你的思想,张开你的肩膀,敞开你的胸怀去迎接新的事物跟人, 正因为我们的不同,才被紧紧地连结在一起。 遇见的下一个人,问问他的热情所在,并分享你的梦想。 经常出去走走。 有的时候迷路了,有助于找到真正地自己。 机不可失,失不再来。 生活是关于那些你遇到的人,以及跟他们一起的创造的。 那还等什么,开始去创造吧! 生活是实现你的梦,并要分享这一切。 总而言之,那就是你的热情! By WWW.HOLSTEE.COM/MANIFESTO

Dreaming a Dream

To pay a high price dreaming will always be harsh and long. It is not ok to have a debt to pay just to dream because it will only lead to confusion and arduous which therefore lose it shine and focus. One day, it will be a beautiful dream if you took a longer route […]


幸福不是你房子有多大,而是房里的笑声有多甜;幸福不是你开多豪华的车,而是你开着车平安到家;幸福不是你的爱人多漂亮,而是爱人的笑容多灿烂;幸福不是 在你成功时的喝彩多热烈,而是失意时有个声音对你说:朋友别倒下!幸福不是你听过多少甜言蜜语,而是你伤心落泪时有人对你说:没事,有我在。 Happiness is not by how big your house but how sweet the laughter can fill the room; happiness is not about the luxurious car but can drive home safely; happiness is not how beautiful your love is but a sincere brilliant smile; happiness is not about being successful and having enthusiastic applause but […]

Mother Teresa quote

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is bliss, taste it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a […]