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Weekend spring cleaning

As I was spring cleaning my room on weekend. The very day that I found all the scribble written papers along with many quote of a famous and successful leaders or writers. It made me recall all those statement that has motivated and inspired me realising how fragile and short a life is so therefore […]

Christmas Reads

Get The Life You Want Have a great Christmas read so I decided to upload this pdf ebook for reading on weekends or your own free time. ^_^

2010 is nearing…

OMG!! I haven’t written anything in September and October 2010. WOW!! So funny and ironic it must be. At last I finally written it in to fill the white space. You think? LOL!! No, I just back here to review it and check what has gone missing in the white spaces. ^_^ So it is […]


Only the mediocre die always at their best. Real leaders are always improving–and raising their bar on how superbly they can perform and how quickly they can move. – by Jean Giraudoux

What is your mission in life?

Let’s ask ourselves an important question: What are YOU here to do? What’s your specific vocation or mission in life? We all have one. What’s yours? Are you? Clear? Write it down! Live it! Repetition is the mother of success. Let your thoughts flow freely and repeat an image in your mind and set out […]

The world is like a battlefield.

In all the world’s best minds, the debate is still always won and lost. There will be a time you have to face the future with a lot of uncertainties but to overcome this obstacles, we all are suppose to believe in what we want in life rather than depending on illusion that is blurry. […]

I never dream…

that life has to materialised. It has to be formed, created and developed over the years. There are things that no amount of time and money can buy your personal experience. It is not a complete learning but a lifetime of accumulation. There are times that the issue you faced can thus be beyond your […]

Don’t look at me like that..

lift your head look at me just be yourself that is what you said to me with a smile Every labyrinth has a way out In that gentle voice, I felt the wind leave this room of loneliness and solitude The key to the riddle is always in your hands it is up to you […]

Long distance love

Once we were in love Yet now we are breaking up Even if we are miles apart Please do not forget me Every time the chill wind blows past my fingertips I can hear your laughter in my ears I remember your eyes that reflect my face Thinking of you Much loneliness I cried and […]