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The moment of tomorrow

Life in the fast lane can be a wonderful feeling but can sometimes be a stumbling block in your way. You will see things differently everyday if not days, months and years away. People faced different problem on a daily basis if not months and years. Everyone is faced with different issue that might not […]

Super eye contact

I have experienced the closeness intense eye contact engenders with a stranger firsthand. Once, when giving a seminar to several hundred people, one woman’s face in the crowd caught my attention. The participant’s appearance was not particularly unique. Yet she became the focus of my attention throughout my talk. Why? Because not for one moment […]

The Three Percenters

I want to introduce you to a very special group of people. Actually, you’ve seen these people on TV or in the movies; and you’ve certainly seen them onstage, winning award after award at your company’s annual convention. These are the world’s most successful people. They have most of the wealth, happiness, joy, peace, health […]

Wisest guru in the land

A man travels many miles to consult the wisest guru in the land. When he arrives, he asks the wise man: “Oh, wise guru, what is the secret of a happy life?” “Good judgement,” said the guru “But oh, wise guru,” says the man, “how do I achieve good judgement?” “Bad judgment,” says the guru. […]

Past memories of weblog

Oh lost memories. As I was looking back in my web server files and found a very old pictures which I created way back. Seems so funny and cartoonish. It seems to be a revelation for me. Ok enough said. Here is the review: So ironic..

DAMN, damn, DAMN and damn

WTH!!! I never thought that Internet is so full of porn. Almost everywhere. LOL!! THE END!!

March, April, May

Where has March, April and May 2009 gone. Looks like it is on hiatus for quite sometimes since I was busy with work. There is nothing much here. Work has taken up alot of my time so thus usually on weekend I need to have a relaxing day ahead and “PLANNING TIME” for me. ^_^ […]

Would you invest millions in your son/daughter’s future?

PARENTHOOD!! Well as a parent of yourself? I believe you know the answer best depending on the situation regarding your experience with your well rounded education of what you have learnt all these growing years into a parenthood. It all depends on what is best for your children’s experience reflecting your growing years in your […]

Christmas 2008

Journey of a Lifetime

This weblog is far from a blog as my journey of a thousand miles start with one step…….. This is never ending and I don’t know where to begin and end so I believe it is a journey of my thoughts into something unwavering that I want to venture into my incomprehensible mind. There is […]