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Read to learn & learn to see.

Curious!!! Read on… Reading is learning to analysis the changes. Learning is to see with your own eye and use your critical thinking. It is always an everyday words and a daily dose of learning. Stop learning you will be brainwashed by other people’s powerful influence words where you can’t hold an empire to the […]

It takes years to be learned

By learning we can improvise in the long run with proven action rather than cheap talks. Need to show before the foundation is laid. Talk doesn’t help in improvising but learning is the way to blend and embrace changes where the world always moves constantly. People’s thoughts and opinion can be a voice of their […]

Reminiscence of past memories

18 years of my life seems just like a whiz of smoke where it is no longer there but just a flashback of neverending years of the past where it is never a step back in time till I just had a look at all the old letters pen-ed by old penpals, childhood friends, primary, […]

Incomprehension of a brilliant minds

This is politically omnipotent cronies of a powerful corporations of a high status where they stand to gain fame and wealth. From who? That is the supporters, the people and its viewership. It is all talks of a powerful status where people can’t really match up to. Potentially great people of notable status are but […]

The road to health is intelligent’s wealth

WHY!! See on the diagrams of mind-setting I have drawn out as a guidelines. Why discipline is so important in our everyday life? Because discipline is not everyone’s favourite word. But self-discipline makes all the difference. Discipline is something you can’t be learnt by heart but experience, it is something within you where you have […]

At a warp speed of intelligence mutiny

Intelligence is not a means to let the whole world see or hear how good you are. It is all about delivering your capabilities at the right time at the right place. Intelligence is an old evolution where it has been sidelined many times over. Even a genius, experts and millionaires have yet to reach […]

Life is not rocket science

Have you ever wonder how you see on movies, media and Tv news that rocket can shoot you up into space. You go “Ohhhh, Ahhhhh, Wow, Hmmmm..” Impressive at first sight and your eye peer wide wondering how did they do it. This is not rocket science to be brutal honest. It requires the best […]

Singapore wanting to be world class?!?

Having read it in Business Times (The Weekend) on 25th saturday. There is one articles that have caught my eyes and thoughts. There is something which I do share her viewpoints. Her statement is somewhat catch my attention in terms of knowledge. It is very practical in a sensible way. “Singapore cannot be internationally competitive […]

37 words of ohiit

From my perception regarding about what “OHIIT” is expected to be? It is for my own personal self-thoughts and education to the world. Some audience might noticed that ohiit sound like “OH SHIT” in their subconscious mind or see things in different perspective way. I’m fine with the way it is. But to all the […]

Life is always overlooked

WHY……? Because people are so busy with their work, friends, family, daily lives and is often overlooked by their personal views without any thoughts. Didn’t spent time with what they want to do with life that is enriching. People do have a job and I do understand that as job need an income to support […]