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Information leaps at a fast pace

As I look at the month of August and Singapore National Day is over. So still I wish happy belated happy birthday to Singapore. What Singapore is now 48 years old? How lame? Nowadays all the information filled so many contents throughout all the web. It seems to me that it has become so boring. […]

OMG Facebook error

Arrgghhh.. And another one.. My god!! Life must sucks. Haha.. Nothing out of the ordinary. On the otherhand, I upload something general out of the blue just for fun by photoshop. *grins*

Facebook error

OMG!! Facebook error again today. Aarrgghhh.. I gonna boycott FB. I’m gonna yawn. This blog post is so boring once again. ZZZzzz…

Facebook aarrgghhh..

Facebook has acted up recently eventhrough I am connected to wireless broadband. RETARDED MOVES!! aarrgghhh OMG!! Again.. WOW!! I was wondering does anyone out there face this problem before. And it seems to me that facebook web performance has slowed down recently. I have no clue at all. ;(

Web 3.0 of the Future

Just a quick table overview of what it is like from Web 1.0 to 3.0 which might be interesting to the web users and internet users who are rather curious about the web happenings. Web 1.0 is movement of the internet, Web 2.0 is online community, Web 3.0 is undefined and has yet to occur […]

Internet’s Voice of The Future

A message: I wish I can register and attend the Web 3.0 Conference and Expo at web3event.net. But since I am broke, I can’t even afford a ticket to Santa Clara, CA let alone the registeration of the ticket. I very much wish to go. *sighz* too broke. Hope it is held next year. Kinda […]