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During 3 days of my NLP training, First day (Friday 26th) = bah, lame. 2nd day (Saturday 27th) = 2xbah, lameass. 3rd day (Sunday 28th) = eye wide open mumbling to myself = f**k it. I need 100xACTION.

Windows VS Apple?

Microsoft: I am the greatest monopoly. The greatest software maker. The people can’t resist my windows OS. Haha. And people still kept using Windows till Vista. Apple: So what, I am  the best and greatest eye catching design ever made on earth. No one can really match up to me. *grins* Linux: WOW both of […]

Their journey to Genting Highlands

Dedicated to Mike, Mick, Adrian: Good luck in Genting Highlands Mike: I ‘m afraid to use car. I scared might meet with a mishap. DAMNIT!! I don’t wanna drive car coz I scared that might meet an accident. Mick: WHAT! OMG!! TOUCHWOOD!! Mike spit your word out. How can you be scared if you are […]